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Special Offer!
Published on 08-11-2018

Valid until: 11th November 2018, 23:59 time server!

Halloween Promotion ! Hurry UP only 72H
Published on 31-10-2018

Halloween Promotion

Depozit contest!
Total Prizes $400:
Position Prize Allocate to
1 200 Account Balance
2 125 Account Balance
3 60 Purchace Balance
4 10 Purchace Balance
5 5 Purchace Balance

Ends: 3rd November 2018

Official Launch of TrafficPays
Published on 29-10-2018

New BIG Project is launched!

When the classic PTC sites are disappearing one by one each day because they are not built for long-term when PTC sites are losing their PayPal and blaming them for this and they disappear in thin air.

We come here with new earning opportunity where no one can lose again, where Paypal is accepting our kind of business. No one needs to fear anymore of losing money because of Paypal.

We came with 100% stable and safe business model where every member gets paid for his hard work, by surfing daily sites, by doing surveys, offers, tasks or viewing PTC sites from offerwalls.

Benefits of

SignUp Bonus

Get 0.20 signup bonus on purchase balances, 2000 Banner Impressions, 500 Traffic Exchange Credits, and 1000 Featured Text Credits.

Low Price for Membership for more details you can find HERE

50% OfferWall Commission
For every approved Survey, Offer and Task your referrals complete you earn a whopping 50% commission of that they earn. The more active your referrals are the more you earn!

Purchase Commissions
We have a powerful 2 Level affiliate commission. Whenever they purchase on Traffic Pays will earn a 20% purchase commission on level one and a 10% purchase commision on level 2!

Refer Friends
Share Traffic Pays with your friends and sees your earnings grow. Earn up to 100% recurring commissions on what your referrals make. The more you promote, the more you earn!

Surf Traffic Exchange
Traffic Pays rewards you for each Traffic Exchange site you surf. Traffic Pays rewards Up to $0.60 for every 1k surfed sites. Also for every surfed site, you receive free Traffic Exchange credits.

View Paid adverts
Paid Advertisements are Paid to Click ads, We have dedicated Fixed Paid to Click Ads for you, where you can earn viewing ads for 20 to 30 Seconds and Earn Points.

$200 Surf Contest

The team behind this big project are:

CEO Harold Baldwin United Kingdom
Co-CEO Karen West United Kingdom
Financial Advisor Iris Nystrom Denmark
Strategy Marketing Eddie VanSanten Germany

Wish everyone good earnings!